Our efforts affect the players we support, their families and communities, their clubs, and the country of Ghana at large. Together, we are building the capacity and reach of Mirage Academy one graduate at a time.

Today, the Mirage Academy is still one of Ghana’s premier independently run academies to provide global and purpose-driven player pathways.

With the opportunity of a professional playing career, college and university education, each of our Scholars has a new sense of hope and a mission.  This mission connects and is supported by all the player families, their communities, and ultimately the nation of Ghana. 

Players can now realistically envision a future they thought might not be possible.

Our grassroot activities support and play a vital role in providing training sessions and playing equipment to local communities.  We also encourage players to eat healthily and to recognise advantages of eating the fresh vegetation we produce to aid growth and enhance sporting performance.  Not only do we help people stay fit and healthy we help develop an individual’s sporting talents, while bringing people from the local community together through sport.

The further the players progress in the academy system, the harder it becomes to maintain and to reach the ultimate aim - to earn a professional playing deal. We understand that competition for places at top professional clubs is fierce and players must be prepared both mentally and physically to perform well at the highest level.

Upon graduation to the professional game, Mirage Academy in conjunction with the Mirage Foundation elevates players careers on and off the field, including endorsement deals, philanthropic endeavours, media relations and brand strategies.

We are working with our education partners to identify and implement a curriculum that support players towards scholarship success. Mirage Academy graduates must go through a extensive character building

Our rights of passage modules include: